Śaivite Hindu Religion: Book Two for Children Ages 6 to 8

Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction
1 Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles
2 Lord Ganesha, Prayer to Him
3 Nambi’s Story, Preparation for Puja
4 Ganesha Eats Nambi’s Offering
5 Nambi Becomes a Saint
6 The Milk Miracle of 1995
7 Ganesha’s Birthday Celebration
8 Lord Murugan, God of Yoga
9 Lord Murugan Protects Us
10 Your Hindu Name Giving
11 Writing Your First Letter
12 Supreme God Siva
13 The Sivaloka and the Mahadevas
14 Mahasivaratri, Siva’s Great Night
15 Skanda Shashthi and Tai Pusam for Lord Murugan
16 The Sat Guru, Hinduism’s Great Religious Teachers
17 You Are Your Soul
18 We Celebrate the New Year, Cleaning the House
19 Decorating for the New Year
20 Preparing Special Food
21 The Big New Year’s Puja
22 Honoring our Parents and Elders
23 Aum Namah Sivaya, the Great Mantram
24 Karma, Law of Cause and Effect
25 Story of Girija, the Unselfish Girl
26 Girija’s Reward
27 Going to the Temple The Family Gets Ready
28 Washing at the Temple Entrance
29 Worshipping the Gopura, the Temple Tower
30 Entering the Temple
31 Attending the Puja