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Panchamukha Ganapataye

  Sung by: Adi Sankara

Chandrashekara Ashtakam

  Sung by: Adi Sankara

Hey Siva Sankara

  Sung by: Kadavaul Satsang

One of our supporters from Australian joined our Bhajan Satsang group. We recorded her singing this song.

Nagendra Haraya

  Sung by: Manu Kondapi

Siva Siva Bol

  Sung by: Premila and Jambalini Manick

Aum Ganesha Aum

  Sung by: Bhavani Param

Ganapati Aum

  Sung by: Bhavani Param

Jaya Ganesha Pahimam

  Sung by: Bhavani Param


  Sung by: Bhanumati Narisimhan

Famous hymn of praise to Lord Siva as the transcendent Paramatman, the Self with each of us.