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We are happy to announce the integration of Google Translate into our web site. You may click on the pull down menu below and in the footer of any page to switch to another language. Once you make your choice, pages will be rendered in the language of your choice. Please note that the translations by Google are "robotic" and may not read very well, but should serve to give some access to our content. Below you will find translations that were carefully done by human brains and these will have a much closer correspondence to the original text.

[Note: We are upgrading all our publications to new formats. Some of the items previously available in other languages are off line temporarily and will be made available again soon. Thank you for your patience.]

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Saivite Creed in 180 Languages

The Siddha Community Project aims to translate a short, 1,500-word synopsis of Gurudeva's Saiva Siddhanta teachings into 180 of the world's languages, making these Divine Truths available to nearly everyone on the planet. Translations of this concise work are already complete in Portuguese, Arabic, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Malay (Indonesian) and Bali. You may be able to help by translating the text into your mother tongue.