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Siva Siva Selva Ganapathi

  Sung by: Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam

Sankara Sankara Sambu

  Sung by: Sivayogar Siruvar Padasallai

Bolo Bolo Samila Bolo

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

Kanthaa Murugaa

  Sung by: Murugadas

For the musically adept among our listeners, this song is done in aadi talam (time measure) as tisra...

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

  Sung by: Unknown

A prayer for all beings in the world to be happy.

Siva Siva Thondan

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Simple bhajan invoking the Kailasa Parampara

Kadavul Kovil Ganapati

  Sung by: Michael Fernando

Chandrashekaraaya Nama Aum

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Singing Guide: the leader may vary repetitions of the beginning lines. This song may be done slowly as...

Maha Ganapatim

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

This is a the traditional Carnatic invocation for Lord Ganesha that is usually taught as one of the...