Veylanswami, My Shining Star

starts before the downbeat (on "ru")

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Guru
  • Artists: Sornumbal Mardemootoo
  • Music Details: | Talam-Adi | Sruti-A | Graha-Sa
  • Original Script

    Satguru satguru Veylanswami
    You are my loving Satguru
    Satguru satguru Veylanswami
    You are my shining star
    When I need you Satguru you are there Satguru
    To take all my troubles away
    You are my hope Satguru
    You are my faith Satguru
    Please send your Blessings to me
    Satguru Satguru Veylanswami-----
    Satguru satguru
    Satguru Bodhinatha|

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    Through temple worship, the three worlds become open to one another, and the beings within them are able to communicate. By means of the mystical arts of puja, the worlds act in concert, and prayers are received.