Innersearch Sri Lanka 2019: March 14 - 29

Over the years the Academy has conducted some really special travel-study programs called Innersearch. The 1967 Actinic’s World Tour was our first Innersearch, when Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami led a group of monks and spiritual aspirants to ten countries in Europe and North Africa, writing his “Yoga Letters” along the way and holding a yoga conference in Holland. Since then, over twenty Innersearch programs have been held.


Sri lanka Vista Innersearch Map

Our next program will be a two-week journey to northern Sri Lanka with fifty participants, scheduled to begin in Colombo March 14 and end March 29 of 2019. There will be days of classes and visits to the temples and holy places associated with the Gurus of our Parampara. It’s definitely not too early to begin planning such an adventure. Will you join us?

Enrollment Fees

  • Adult: USD $3,900
  • Youth (8-17 years): USD $2,900
  • Child (2-7 years): USD $2,100

Fees cover, for the duration of the program, accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals (all vegetarian) that are ordered by the trip coordinator, Himalayan Academy tuition and group excursions; boat, bus and other transportation during the program.

Fees do not include airfare to or from Sri Lanka. They also do not include personal incidentals, food and beverages not ordered by the trip coordinator, laundry and optional private excursions.

Visa Information

If you are not a citizen or legal resident of Sri Lanka who will be currently in status for the duration of the program (Mar 14 - March 29, 2019), you need to be in possession of a passport issued by your country of citizenship that is valid for the duration of the program in order to travel to Sri Lanka.

    Please thoroughly read the Sri Lanka Visa Requirements page at to determine whether:
  • (a) you will need a visa prior to travel
  • (b) you will be issued a visa upon arrival
  • (c) no visa is required, according to your country of citizenship
  • You must also ensure that you have the necessary visas for any traveling you plan to do immediately before or after your Innersearch arrangements.

    It is our understanding that Sri Lanka issues visas on the same day of application, in most cases. For the 2019 program we have been advised for all applicants to apply for visas no earlier then January, 2019.


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