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Sundaranatha becomes Tirumular, Composes Tirumantiram

a. Sundaranatha’s arduous journey from the Himalayas, entirely on foot, took years, culminating in Tamil Nadu, a land covered with palmyra trees, shown here with a toddy-tapper collecting the sweet nectar. c. Legend speaks of Tirumular’s years alone in a cave, deep in samadhi. At the end of each year he would write a single verse, scribed with a stylus into a palm leaf, capturing in that verse the sum of one year’s meditations. Thus, patiently, he composed the mystical text, Tirumantiram. b. In his astral body, sage Sundaranatha approached the dead cowherd, psychically entered the corpse and brought it back to life. His first sight upon awakening in the Tamil body was the herd of cows, happy to see their caretaker alive and well again.

Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
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