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Vinayaka Vighna Vinaashaka Vinayaka

  Sung by: Maragatham Mani

Pidiyathan Uruvumai

  Sung by:

Note: The proper pronunciation of sandhi (joining) between "uru" and "umai" forming the second word, "uruvumai," is "v"...

Pundit Pran Nath Sings Raga Bhoopali

  Sung by: Pundit Pran Nath

This was recorded from the YouTube version of the same. If anyone can help find more music by...

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Line Drawing:Lord Brahma Looks Down on Woman

Women sitting in mystical clouds

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Siuva followed by Devi and Vishnu

3 Gods in the ether

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Siva Meditating in a Cave with Sunset

Siva meditating in a cave with sunset

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Ardhanarishvara: the Union of Siva and Shakti

The union of Siva and Shakti resolves duality

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Trisula wth Panchakshara Mantra; Likhita Japa

Siva's Trisula stands bedecked with rudraksha beads in front of Likhita Japa

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Siva Nataraja

Siva Nataraja