A historic 20-day Odyssey with Bodhinatha

Our 20th Innersearch travel-study program made history for having the largest ever Innersearch group. 90 pilgrims from 16 countries were led by the loving guidance of Bodhinatha through Malaysia and South India. As planned by Bodhinatha, we spent the ripest of our days in the deep south of Tamil Nadu, home of our tradition and still today the most spiritually dynamic part of Mother India.

All of us were there to be with Bodhinatha, to visit the holy men and places, to be swept within by the torrent of devotion, to overcome our day to- day limitations by living and moving in the intensity of pilgrimage, to be with the monks in a thousand little circumstances and observe their poise and presence, to ask them all the questions on our minds and hear answers that will guide us for years to come. Many had the kind of personal encounter with their own divinity that redefines life's purpose, opening doors of knowing in the mind. All were silent in the presence of the overwhelming hospitality of the Indian peoples. And just about everyone gained a few pounds, unable and unwanting to resist that second dosai, that savory curry served on a banana leaf.
Every moment of this journey we felt our Gurudeva present, sitting on the trains he loved so, sharing the Saiva mystic path with others, walking with us down the darkened stone temple corridors with their astonishing carvings, sitting quietly during Siva puja as dozens of priests chanted the Vedas he so cherished. He was here, there and everywhere - the inner spirit of our sojourn, as he will remain the spirit of our remaining sojourn on Earth. Aum Namasivaya!
Innersearch India Group Photo