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Bodhinatha In Mauritius, November 19, 2011, Monks Activities

The day before yesterday, my self and swami spent the whole morning at the Spiritual Park taking a tour and talking with Selna (our staff member that manages the Minimela). It was extremely productive and critical for making small changes that are critical for the smooth running of the entire property. The Spiritual Park is well maintained and starting to look really beautiful and feels so peaceful just walking around. In the evening we went to the Goodlands temple for a short puja and talk upstairs in their hall. There were about 400 people there! Only on major festivals do they get that many people, according to the president. The talk was well received and translated into Creole. We got home quite late as all 400 people came up for blessings and vibhuti from Bodhinatha.

Yesterday was a full day. In the morning we had a special initiation home at the Spiritual Park just for members. I think there was 14 vishesha diskshas! That has to be a record. There was also Arulshisya vows taken and a bramacharya vrata taken.

In the afternoon was two seminars in the conference room at The Link hotel near Port Louis. The first was for Master Course students and people who wanted to be students. Bodhinatha gave a presentation, followed by questions and answers. Great questions and even better answers! About 80+ people came.

Next was a seminar for Master Course teachers. About 20 highly motivated teachers trained by Rajen Manik met with Bodhinatha and asked questions about how best to teach Gurudeva's books.

Soon we will be off to a mini youth retreat for the day (just for members), with lots of fun and a wonderful opportunity for the youth to meet with Bodhinatha personally, and also chat informally with the swamis.

All in all, many happy faces all around. Here some photos of our activities of the 19th and 20th where we held a children youth fun activity at Domaine Lagrave. We conducted a treasure hunt and took everyone's photos.


This is one of the small islands just off the coast of Mauritius. We took this photo of a tugboat from Kenya chugging by on its way to try and help free a cargo ship that got stuck on the coral reef off the shores of Mauritius. They were not able to free up the ship, so it's cargo and fuel had to be unloaded on the spot and the ship will have to be dismantled from where it sits. Fortunately no fuel was spilled in the process.