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The Need for a Wise Plan (an Upadesha by Bodhinatha)

An Upadesha given by Bodhinatha on May 12 2011

This is a continuation of Bodhinatha's talk on planning. There are three seasons in the Hindu calendar. The first season is called the Nartana Ritau which runs from mid April - mid August and is the time of the year for planning. In order to succeed on a project or enterprise, we need a clear purpose, wise plan, persistence and push. The major reason as to why a project fails is due to the lack of adequate planning. Before embarking on a major business venture it is advisable to seek professional advice, seek the Blessings of the Devas in the Innerworlds by clearly preparing a well thought out business plan, writing prayers setting out various options and burning them. Our personal and family life can be divided into six areas, namely, spiritual, social, economic, cultural, educational and physical health. Clear goals need to be developed in each of these areas.