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The History of Hindu India, 300-1000 ce

The History of Hindu India" (Part Two) was developed by the editors of Hinduism Today magazine in collaboration with Dr. Shiva Bajpai, Professor Emeritus of History, California State University Northridge. It is intended to provide an authentic presentation of the history of India and Hinduism for use in American middle and high school classes, as well as Hindu temple study groups, dharma classes and general presentations on the Hindu religion and history.

The documentary is based on the second chapter of the textbook, The History of Hindu India, published by Himalayan Academy in 2011. It covers Indian history from 300 ce to 1000 ce and opens with magnificent footage of the famed Kailasanatha Temple in Maharashtra, then discusses the Gupta Empire, the Huna invasions, the visits of the Chinese Buddhist monks Faxian and Xuanzang, the initial incursions of Arab Muslim armies in the 8th century, as well as the great Chola kingdom of South India, with a brief foray into the political history of India, all at a time when one third of world's population lived there. City and village life are described, along with jati, the joint family structure and marriage arranging. This period also witnessed the beginning of the Bhakti Movement and the development of many still-famous Hindu temples.

For more information and for class lesson plans based on the book visit The film, funded by the Uberoi Foundation, Institute for Curriculum Advancement, may be freely distributed for educational purposes.


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