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Hinduism Today Takes Off

a. In 1979 Gurudeva founded the magazine that would later be called Hinduism Today, telling his monks that its purpose was not to promote his mission, but to strengthen, connect and inform Hindu communities around the globe. He called it “the prow of the ship.” b. Each month Gurudeva sat with his Hinduism Today editorial staff. As publisher, he guided the content of the magazine, defined its goals, set policy and helped with distribution strategies. c. On rare occasions, Gurudeva received messages from the Gods of Saivism, poetic and sometimes cryptic verses from God Siva, Hanuman, Murugan and Ganesha. He dutifully wrote down and followed all such celestial decrees. d. Inner-plane devas frequently guided Gurudeva, answering his questions and those of the monks, offering practical counsel and even helping to find lost items. He received their messages clairaudiently or by thought transference. e. While having morning coffee at Coco Palms Hotel, Master suddenly encountered an astral plane librarian holding a large book with strange scripts. He knew the meaning as his inner eye scanned each page. In the months following, he dictated an entire book to his monks.