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Gurudeva Looks After All His Devotees

a. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, Gurudeva traveled frequently to all corners of the world, greeted by each nation’s Hindu communities, speaking at temples and inspiring students and members. b. An early adopter of new technologies, Gurudeva was fond of tools that helped him capture and communicate ideas and writings—miniature recorders for voice notes and portable computers, like the innovative 1980 Sony Typecorder that recorded text to a cassette tape. c. The weekly homa in Kadavul Hindu Temple became a central rite for the monastery and devotees. Afterwards he would give a discourse, answer questions from CyberCadets and bless all who attended. d. If a Christian asked to be his devotee, Master would send that person back to his church elders for their blessings and a formal release. Stealing from religious flocks was such an anathema to him that he created an ethical form of conversion. e. In the six-sided pavilion under a sprawling mango tree outside the publications facility, Gurudeva met with visitors, answered their questions and signed books. f. Gurudeva was available to devotees night and day, taking calls anytime of the day to discuss their health, family, jobs and meditations.