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Gurudeva and Monks Create Extraordinary Publications

a. Gurudeva worked hard on his books and knew they were without equal. Bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble knew, too, and invited him to introduce the books to readers at book signings all around the country
b. He had chosen Kauai for its remoteness, yet visitors discovered the monastery and came from all corners of the globe to be with the satguru, hear his talks and worship in Kadavul Temple with its giant murtis and crystal Sivalingam.

c. For a few years Gurudeva did his daily editing near the ocean in a specially outfitted Winnebago Rialta. The editing team, working at a table in the back, had a view of turtles and whales. d. Every word of every publication was meticulously reviewed by Gurudeva at the editing table. He stressed working collaboratively and loved the technology that allowed his team to work on the same document from four different computerssomething new in those days.