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New Leadership from the West Fosters Global Saiva Fellowship

a. During the 1980s Gurudeva visited all of the Saiva mathas of South India, connecting with their abbots. The traditional culture he observed in these ancient monastery-temple complexes guided his development of Kauai Aadheenam. b. During Gurudevas many journeys to India and Sri Lanka, hundreds of thousands came forward for blessings. Following a temple talk, he would typically sit for hours as, one by one, people came forward to greet him. Each would receive a smile and a mark of holy ash on the forehead, delivered with his right thumb. c. While visiting the 1,400-year-old Dharmapura Aadheenam, Guru deva made note of the abbots massive earrings. The monastery head called for two gold earrings and ceremonially fit them on his guest. d. As Gurudeva began to craft a global fellowship of Saivites, the Hindus of Malaysia came forward powerfully. He visited often, guiding their spiritual learning and practice, giving diksha to the worthy.