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With Deities' Guidance, Master establishes Kadavul Temple

a. On Kauai island–which, he loved to quip, "is surrounded completely by water"–Master established Kadavul Temple, shipping in six–foot–tall granite murthis of Ganesha and Murugan, a bronze Nataraja, a 16–ton Nandi and the world's largest crystal Sivalingam.

b. In December of 1968 Master took 27 spiritual seekers on a three-week meditation retreat to a remote Hawaiian island. Kauai, half way between the East and the West, so captured him that in 1970 he established his headquarters on the Garden Island. c. As Master reposed one morning, his third eye opened to see Lord Murugan, who lifted His vel and struck it powerfully three times on a step, indicating that the six-foot-tall Siva Nararaja that had arrived from India should be placed "here." d. To bring the pure path of Saiva Siddhanta to Kauai, Gurudeva introduced the Tirukural of Tiruvalluvar and the Tirumantiram of Tirumular to his monks and shishyas, commissioning life-size granite murtis of the two Tamil saints. e. For weeks in 1970 Master sat in a wicker chair at his tropical Kauai monastery, spontaneously dictating twelve hours of mystical upadeshas that would become an audio edition of his primary teaching vehicle, The Master Course.