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Sri Subramuniya in The 60s and 70s

a. Publishing continued to be a prime mission objective. The guru purchased state-of-the art printing equipment and set up Comstock House, his publishing arm, with monks printing and binding hundreds of thousands of spiritual books.

b.In the 60s and 70s, America's time of foment, drug experimentation and spiritual questing, Sri Subramuniya undertook a series of lectures at major universities in America and Europe, teaching the advaita path to all who would listen. c. Not far from the Mountain Desert Monastery lay an abandoned silver mine. The guru would send young monks to live in this deep cave for days at a time, teaching them how to see the inner light within the all-pervasive darkness d. The guru purchased an abandoned three-story brewery in Virginia City, Nevada, as a summer retreat; but it soon was turned into a monastery for his growing order. For ten years his young monks served and trained in the remote, sage-covered mountains.