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Satguru Veylanswami

  • Genre: bhakti-gitam Deity: Guru
  • Artists: Mauritius Mission Natchintanai workshop
  • Music Details: | Talam-Adi | Sruti-C | Graha-sa
  • Transliteration

    Satguru Satguru Veylanswami
    You Are My Loving Satguru
    Satguru Satguru Veylanswami
    You Are My Shinning Star

    When I Need You Satguru

    You Are There Satguru

    To Take All My Troubles Away

    You're My Hope Satguru

    You're My Faith Satguru

    Please Send Your Blessings To Me
    Satguru.... Satguru.....
    Satguru.... Bodhinatha

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    We must live in the now to follow the path to enlightenment. In the lower realms of the mind, where time and space seem very real, we are worried about the past or concerned about the future. These two intermingle and limit conscious awareness.