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Pauskara Agama, Vidya Pada English

Knowledge section

Pauskara Agama, Vidya Pada or Knowledge section, translated to English by Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam Sivacharyar. A deep philosophic section dealing with the nature of Siva, Maya, the bound soul, time, tattvas, ahankara, subtle and gross elements, "means of valid and true knowledge" and the nature of the Agamas.

  • Pauskara Agama, Vidya Pada: 254 pages
  • 1 Chapter on the Characteristics of the Supreme Lord (Pati)
  • 2 The Nature of Bindu
  • 3 On the Nature of Ma'ya'
  • 4 On the Nature of the Bound Soul
  • 5 On the Nature of Kala and Other Tattvas, the Binding Categories
  • 6 Nature of the Soul, as the Experiencing Entity(purusha)
  • 7 The Nature of Ahanka'ra and Other Tattvas
  • 8 The Nature of Subtle and Gross Elements
  • 9 On the Means of Valid and True Knowledge
  • 10 Revelation of the Agamas