Ovoru Manidaroum

  • Genre: bhakti-gitam Deity: Muruga
  • Artists: Soondiren Arnasalon
  • Original Script

    Ovvoru manithan sirikkum pohthu Murugan sirikkindraan
    Ovvoru manithanum kalangum neyram udaney varugindraan
    Vanthu uthaviyum purigindraan. (2)
    Ovvoru malarum malarum pohthu Murugan manakkindraan
    Ovvoru kaniyilum Murugan irunthu teynaai inikkindraan
    Ovvoru mal.aittuli vil.ugirapohthu Murugan varugindraan
    Ovvoru payirilum Murugan kalanthu unavaai vilaigindraan
    Ovvoru manithan sirikkum pohthu-----------
    Ovvoru nathiyilum neerpohl Murugan ullam nadakkindrathu
    Ovvoru sudarilumMurugan aruley oliyey kodukkindradu
    Ovvoru porulilum Murugan uravaal al.agu pirakkindrathu
    Ovvoru uyirilum Murugan vaal.um karunai therigindrathu.
    Ovvoru manithan sirikkum pohthu---------

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    The mystic lives, and is taught to live, two-thirds within himself and only one-third in the external. In learning how to do this, the mystic is taught to become consciously conscious, or aware that he is aware.