Nammamma Shaaradhe

  • Genre: bhakti-gitam Deity: Ganesha
  • Artists: Meera and Manu Kondapi
  • Music Details: Ragam-Mohanam | Talam-Aadi
  • Transliteration


    nammammA shArade umA mahEshwarI


    kammagOlana vairi sutanAda sonDila
    hemmeya gaNanAthanE

    caraNam 1

    mOre kappina bhAva moradagalada kivi
    mUrukaNNana suta
    muridiTTa chandrana
    dhIra tA gaNanAthanE

    caraNam 2

    uTTa pachcheya bigiduTTa chellaNada
    diTTa tAnivanArammA
    paTTada rANi pArvatiya kumAranu
    hoTTeya gaNanAthanE

    caraNam 3

    rAshi vidyeya balla
    ramaNI hambalanolla
    lEsAgi janara salahuva
    AdikEshava dAsa kaNE



    Here kanakadAsa engages in an interrogative in which he poses a rhetorical question about who "this person" is and then replies to it with the answer, "gaNanAtha, of course!", each time referring to a different facet of Lord GaNesha.

    pallavi: Who, O Mother, is the one who is inside of you?

    anupallavi: kammaGolana = kamman gOl = (carrying an) arrow of flowers = kAma (desire). The vairi (enemy) of kAma is Lord Shiva. The son of Shiva is Ganesha, our proud Lord, of course!

    caraNam 1: Who is He of huge ears and a broken tusk?
    The son of He who has three eyes
    In "muridiTTa chandana," Kanakadasa here probably refers to a tale in which Ganesha breaks the moon on his father's head.
    The brave Lord, of course!

    caraNam 2: Line 3 says he is our beloved Queen Paarvati's son. He belongs to the stomach of Parvati, of course!

    caraNam 3: Possessing infinite knowledge
    One who is not interested in the fair sex
    Who is this great orator?
    One who cares for his children, people, folk
    "Kaginele," in Dharwad district in north Karnataka, is where Kanakadasa hailed from. KanakadAsa was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and was highly attached to a beautiful Vishnu temple in Kaginele.
    Our devotee of Lord Vishnu, of course!


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