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Hinduism: the Original Humanism - Publisher's Desk

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the Apr/May/Jun 2014 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. "A critical examination of secular humanism and Hindu humanism for youth immersed in the academic atheism of college" In this editiion Bodhinatha raises concern as to how modern universities and colleges are molding the mind of students by training them to follow scientific method and pushing religion to one side. students begin to question the existence of God in the absence of any scientific evidence and become strangers to the relgion they were born into. Bodhinatha thus explains the concept of secular humanism which is based solely on scientific doctrine and highlights the main difference between Hinduism (ultimate goal of each individual is to make spiritual progress on earthly plane through performance of dharma, selfless service to mankind, karma yoga, meditation and study of scriptures) and secular humanism (academic knowledge limit awareness and cause students to be biased).