Energy in the spine

A cyberspace devotee wants to know how we can feel the energy in our spine. Gurudeva says one simple way is to centre awareness in our spine and simply move our back forward and back and to the sides. Gurudeva also says that there is nothing magical about this feeling and that to know that the energy is coming directly from Lord Siva.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee in Michigan in the United States, asks about the energy flowing from the soul through the spine. "How do you feel that energy?"

You would feel that energy, if it wasn't there or was inhibited in some way, such as a vertebra out of place and the energy was not feeding one part of the body or one organ of the body or another. Therefore, you would go to a chiropractor and get the spine properly aligned.

Open and close your hands. Feel the energy opening and closing the hands. That's easy. Now, we will center the awareness in the spine. Simply move your back forward and back, and side to side. Feel the energy moving the spine. That's very easy also.

There is nothing magical about this feeling. You must just identify it and also, know that the energy is coming right from God Siva. That is why, the Vedas tell us, "Siva is the life of your life."

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