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Sacred leaves for pada puja , Should one have a Guru who is alive?, Is everything that happens good?

A cyber cadet in Malaysia wonders if it is ok to use sacred leaves for a pada puja. Gurudeva says that it is fine and that he is creating a wonderful future for himself by giving respect to his guru. A cyberspace devotee in Botswana asks if one should have a guru that is alive or does it matter if he is not alive. Gurudeva says that a guru who is not alive will not be able to talk to you and that by having a guru who is alive one can communicate freely with him and it will be of a greater benefit. Another question this time from the state of Virginia where a cyberspace devotee asks is everything that happens to you good? Gurudeva says that everything that happens to you is because you put it into action. Gurudeva also says to accept your karma cheerfully and get the lesson out of the experience and you can carve a beautiful future for yourself..