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Stop War in the Home, Muruga Watches, Skanda Shasti

Gurudeva tells us that Lord Muruga has vowed to stop war in the world, war at home, child and spousal abuse and to bring peace. The story of how Lord Muruga appeared in a vision to Gurudeva is told, as is the ancient Hawaiian worship of Lord Muruga, known to them as God Ku or Ku-mara.

Unedited Transcript:

We're very happy to have all the pilgrims here today from many countries.

When the Lord Nataraja deity here arrived from India we wondered where to put Him, where to place Him, where would this temple be? Lord Muruga appeared in an early morning vision with His Vel and knocked it on the cement, three times, indicating the place where Nataraja was to be.

This was formerly a Murugan temple, here on this property, for a thousand years. The Hawaiian people called Him, God Ku or Ku-mara. He's a virgin God, a Sannyasin, God of the Sannyasins and the protector and implementor of dharma. His Vel represents the broadness of the mind, of the intellect, and the point of discrimination, proper decision, which will destroy all negativity.

Now today in Asia, in the United States and among Hindus all over the world, there's a war going on in every home. Few homes are exempt from the beating of children, verbal abuse between husband and wife. The meaning of the seven steps around the homa fire has been lost. One step for wealth, one step for abundance, one step when the husband promises "I will honor you and I will protect you and treat you like a Goddess." I don't think she would marry him if he actually said what he was going to do - "You cross me lady, I'll slap you across the face. You do that more than once, I'll knock you down, take your hair and pull you across the room." Like you see in Indian movies, showing you what you should do in the home to solve problems. Those movies should be banned. Everybody's making a big fuss about Xena, they should be making a bigger fuss about what's shown in India today.

Lord Muruga has vowed to bring peace into the homes and stop the war within the home. Because, Hinduism will not come up, community will not come up, the nation will not come up, the world will not come up until there is harmony within the home, until problems are solved before bedtime, until children are not abused and pushed down into fear, into a condition where they've lost all self respect.

Lord Muruga is here to stop these abusive practices, which is a Christian influence; we know that. They have in their book twenty different verses of how you should beat your kid and why it's your Christian duty to do so and even killing, if necessary. Kids are getting killed. The child commits suicide because of physical or verbal abuse. It may not be man's law that it's murder. But it's the karmic law that he was forced into and was murdered. That means the parents have to be murdered in their next life.

A small child is defenseless, comes into the world honestly and openly, expecting food, clothing, education, love, roof over his head. Who knows who he was in a past life? The karma of hitting a child, with one slap, brings five to ten similar slaps to the parent, who committed that sin. It will manifest in a krishna karma, kukarma, black karma - in an automobile accident, being pulled out of the car and mugged by thugs or professionally beaten by torture chambers, as you see and read and hear about on CNN. That karma when it comes back, it comes back fast. But, the child has to grow up going through the hate of his parents, living with that hate, trying to deal with it.

The children are very, very intelligent these days, different than twenty or thirty years ago. Children are watching television. They see on TV, those people that are loved and hugged, appreciated, lifted up and nice things are said to them. They see on TV, those people that people do not like, that they hate, are put down, told they're stupid, they're worthless, they're no good, they're hit and sometimes killed. Therefore, the child will know with the first slap, that he is hated, no longer wanted. Where are they to go? You can't, at a young age, go make a living. They can't run away from home, though some of them do and join gangs. That's the only love and friendship that they have--to suffer with other people who have been suffering because of parental abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse.

But, Lord Muruga is watching very closely, through the temples that have been established for Him, in the United States, in Europe, England, Germany, France and all around the world. He is watching, very carefully, the condition within the home and making great efforts to bring up the conscience of the father, making great efforts to bring up the conscience of the mother, making great efforts to bring up the family so that problems are solved quickly, intelligently, immediately.