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Holiday, Karmic Peaks

Gurudeva tells us karma peaks and inspiration is high during the Holiday Season explaining why we need to be careful. He compares celebrations throughout the world during this season.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Adheenam. November 28th. It is Sun One. It is the beginning of a new phase. That is like the beginning of our vedic week.

Easan Katir is here with his son, for nine days, together on task force. His son is ten years old and Easan is doing just the right thing, bringing his little boy into a monastery. It is traditional, so that he will get the impressions at a very early age of how to run his life after he makes his decision as to being a follower of the high path, sannyasa, or the other path of the family life. We are having so many guests come, so many pilgrims, that we had to re-decorate a very large room with a beautiful marble floor, in order to accomodate them. Well, today the door opened on the newly decorated Guru Peedam.

We have a new leadership today in the Siddhidata Kulam, that is the family group that manages the grounds, the construction and maintenance here at Kauai Aadheenam. Yogi Yuganatha is the talaivar. That means he is in-charge, he is the coordinator. Nilakantha Veylan is his first helper, along with all the other taskforcers we call Sivasevaks, who come and spend from nine days upto six months doing Sivathondu. This means 'service to Siva'.

We are coming into the holiday season where everyone is thinking about relaxation, having fun. We just passed through Thanksgiving and are now entering into the Christmas season, and the New Year season. We want to be very careful because this is the time when karma peaks. This means that any bad experience in your karma can come quickly at you. So be careful on the roads, be careful crossing the street. Be careful, Be careful. Be careful. We don't want any of our cyberspace congregation hurt in any, any way.

This is not only the time of the year for the Christians. It is the great Ganesha festival in India and other countries. It is a pagan festival also. It is an Hawaiian festival as well. It is a Jewish and Chinese festival also. So it is the time of the year when inspiration is high, but people can be just a little bit more careless. In their carelessness, we don't want them to hurt any one of you in cyberspace, in our international congregation. So, be careful during this time of the year.

Well, that's the message for the day and I will be seeing you tomorrow, the next day and the next day.

We have just finished a two-day retreat. We had a wonderful, relaxing time, reflecting on what we had done and what we are going to do, and calling on the inspiration from the inner self as to inner guidance for the many tomorrows to come. Join us in cyberspace tommarrow, the next day and the next day. We want to welcome all of you, wonderful new faces that we see out there. Keep tuning in, to 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam'.

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What do we mean when we say there is no good and no bad, only experience? We mean that in the highest sense, there is no good and bad karma; there is self-created experience that presents opportunities for spiritual advancement.