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Ennai Enak Arivitthaan

This Natchintanai is usually considered the first of Siva Yogaswami's songs. While it is popularly known as "Engal Gurunathan," we are using the first line of the song as the title because there is another famous song whose title is "Engal Gurunathan."

  • Genre: natchintanai Deity: Guru
  • Artists: Sydney Sivathondan Society Ladies
  • Music Details: | Graha-sa
  • Original Script

    என்னையெனக் கறிவித்தான்

    என்னையெனக் கறிவித்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    இணையடியென் தலைவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    அன்னைபிதாக் குருவானா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    அவனியெல்லா மாளவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    முன்னைவினை நீக்கிவிட்டா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    மூவருக்கு மறியவொண்ணா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நன்மைதீமை யறியாதா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நான்தானாய் விளங்குகின்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்

    தேகம்நீ யல்லவென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    சித்தத்திற் திகழுகின்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    மோகத்தை முனியென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    முத்திக்கு வித்ததென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    வேகத்தைக் கெடுத்தாண்டா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    விண்ணும் மண்ணு மாகிநின்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    தாகத்தை யாக்கிவிட்டா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    சத்தியத்தைக் காணவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்

    வாசியோகந் தேரென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    வகாரநிலை அறியென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    காசிதேசம் போவென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    கங்குல்பக லில்லையென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நாசிநுனி நோக்கென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நடனந்தெ ரியுமென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    மாசிலோசை கேட்குமென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    மற்றுப்பற்றை நீக்கென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்

    இருவழியை அடையென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    எல்லாம் விளங்குமென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    கருவழியைக் கடவென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    கட்டுப்படும் மனமென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    ஒருவரும றியாரென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    ஓங்கார வழியென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நிருமலனா யிருவென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நீயேநா னென்றுசொன்னா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்

    திக்குத் திகாந்தமெல்லா மெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    சித்தத்துள் நிற்கவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    பக்குவமாய்ப் பேணென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    பார்ப்பதெல்லாம் நீயென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    அக்குமணி யணியென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    அஞ்செழுத்தை ஓதென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நெக்குநெக் குருகென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    நித்தியன்நீ யென்றுசொன்னா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்

    தேடாமல் தேடென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
    சீவன் சிவனென்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்


    ennai enak arivitthaan engal gurunaathan
    inaiyadiyen thalai vaitthaan engal gurunaathan
    annai pithaa guruvaanaan engal gurunaathan
    avani ellaam aala vaitthaan engal gurunaathan
    munnai vinai neekki vittaan engal gurunaathan
    moovarukkum ariyavonnaan engal gurunaathan
    nanmai theemai ariyaathaan engal gurunaathan
    naanthaanaai vilangukinraan engal gurunaathan

    theygam nee alla endraan engal gurunaathan
    sitthatthil thigalukindraan engal gurunaathan
    mohgatthai muni endraan engal gurunaathan
    mutthikku vitthathendraan engal gurunaathan
    veygatthai kedutth aandaan engal gurunaathan
    vinnum mannum aagi ninraan engal gurunaathan
    thaagatthai aakki vittaan engal gurunaathan
    satthiyatthai kaana vaitthaan engal gurunaathan

    vaasiyohgam theyr endraan engal gurunaathan
    vagaara nilai ari endraan engal gurunaathan
    kaasi theysam poh endraan engal gurunaathan
    kangul pagal illai endraan engal gurunaathan
    naasi nuni nohkkendraan engal gurunaathan
    nadanam theriyum endraan engal gurunaathan
    maasil ohsai ketkum endraan engal gurunaathan
    matru patrai neekkendraan engal gurunaathan

    iru valiyai adai endraan engal gurunaathan
    ellaam vilangum endraan engal gurunaathan
    karuvaliyai kadavendraan engal gurunaathan
    kattuppadum manam endraan engal gurunaathan
    oruvarum ariyaar endraan engal gurunaathan
    ohmkaara vali endraan engal gurunaathan
    nirmalanaai iruvendraan engal gurunaathan
    neeyey naan endru sonnaan engal gurunaathan

    thikkuth thigaantham ellaam engal gurunaathan
    sitthatthul nirka vaitthaan engal gurunaathan
    pakkuvamaay peyn endraan engal gurunaathan
    paarppath ellaam nee endraan engal gurunaathan
    akkumani ani endraan engal gurunaathan
    anjel.uthai ohth endraan engal gurunaathan
    nekku nekk urugu endraan engal gurunaathan
    nitthiyan nee endru sonnaan engal gurunaathan

    theydaamal theyd endraan engal gurunaathan
    seevan sivan endraan engal gurunaathan
    naadaamal naad endraan engal gurunaathan
    nalla vali thohndrum endraan engal gurunaathan
    paadaamal paad endraan engal gurunaathan
    patthar inam seyr endraan engal gurunaathan
    vaadaamal val.ipadendraan engal gurunaathan
    vaiyagatthil vaal. endraan engal gurunaathan

    thitthikkum oru moliyaal engal gurunaathan
    sinmayatthai kaana vaitthaan engal gurunaathan
    etthikkum aagi nindraan engal gurunaathan
    ellaam nee endruraitthaan engal gurunaathan
    vitth indri naaru seyyvaan engal gurunaathan
    vinnavarum ariya vonnaan engal gurunaathan
    thatthuvaa theethan aanaan engal gurunaathan
    sagala sambatthum thanthaan engal gurunaathan

    aathi antham illai endraan engal gurunaathan
    athuvey nee endruraitthaan engal gurunaathan
    sohthi mayam endru sonnaan engal gurunaathan
    sutt iranthu nil endraan engal gurunaathan
    saathi samayam illaan engal gurunaathan
    thaanai vilangu kindraan engal gurunaathan
    vaathiyarum kaana onnaan engal gurunaathan
    vaakkirantha inbam thanthaan engal gurunaathan

    mucchanthi kuppaiyiley engal gurunaathan
    mudakki kidanthidu endraan engal gurunaathan
    acchamodu kohbam illaan engal gurunaathan
    aanavatthai neekki vittaan engal gurunaathan
    pacchai puraviyiley engal gurunaathan
    paangaaga eyrendraan engal gurunaathan
    thacchan kattaa veettiley engal gurunaathan
    thaavupari kattendraan engal gurunaathan

    naamey naam endruraitthaan engal gurunaathan
    namakku kurai illai endraan engal gurunaathan
    pohmey pohm vinai endraan engal gurunaathan
    pohkku vara villai endraan engal gurunaathan
    thaamey thaam endruraitthaan engal gurunaathan
    sangarpam illai endraan engal gurunaathan
    aum endru uruthi thanthaan engal gurunaathan
    oomai el.uth ari endraan engal gurunaathan


    He Made Me to Know Myself

    about me - to me - he introduced (1) - our - gurunathan
    both feet on my - head - he placed - our - gurunathan
    mother - father - guru, he became - our - gurunathan
    world - entire - rule - made (me) - our - gurunathan
    previous - action/reaction - remove - he did - our - gurunathan
    by all three (2) - to know - he who is, not possible - our - gurunathan
    good - bad - he who does not discriminate - our - gurunathan
    as Self - He shines - our - gurunathan

    body - you - are not - said - our - gurunathan
    in the heart - he is abiding - our - gurunathan
    delusion - silence it - said - our - gurunathan
    for liberation - that is the way (3), said - our - gurunathan
    hurry - destroyed - and ruled over - our - gurunathan
    space and - earth also - became - stood - our - gurunathan
    the thirst - create - he did - our - gurunathan
    the truth - to be revealed - he made - our - gurunathan

    vasiyoga (4) - gain mastery over - said - our - gurunathan
    grace - state - realize - said - our - gurunathan
    Varanasi (5) - land of - go - said - our - gurunathan
    dark night - or day - is not there - said - our - gurunathan
    nose - tip - observe, he said - our - gurunathan
    dance - will be seen - he said - our - gurunathan
    flawless - sound - will be heard - he said - our - gurunathan
    other - attachments - discard he said - our - gurunathan

    both - paths (6) - close - he said - our - gurunathan
    all - will be understood - he said - our - gurunathan
    the path of womb - go past - he said - our - gurunathan
    will be controlled - the mind - he said - our - gurunathan
    even one - knows not - he said - our - gurunathan
    the sound of om - path - he said - our - gurunathan
    without impurity - be, he said - our - gurunathan
    you indeed are - I - thus - he said - our - gurunathan

    directions - end of the directions - all - our - gurunathan
    within the mind - to stand - he made - our - gurunathan
    carefully - preserve - he said - our - gurunathan
    that is seen - all - is you - he said - our - gurunathan
    rudraksha bead - wear - he said - our - gurunathan
    the five letters - say with care - he said - our - gurunathan
    soften - soften - melt - he said - our - gurunathan
    immortal - you are - thus - he said - our - gurunathan

    not searching - search - he said - our - gurunathan
    soul - is siva - he said - our - gurunathan
    not desiring - desire - he said - our - gurunathan
    good - path - will appear - he said - our - gurunathan
    not singing - sing - he said - our - gurunathan
    devotees - community - join - he said - our - gurunathan
    not wearying - worship, he said - our - gurunathan
    in the world - live - he said - our - gurunathan

    sweetened - one - with the language - our - gurunathan
    The Superconscious - to see - he made me - our - gurunathan
    every direction - became - he stood - our - gurunathan
    all - you are - thus, he taught - our - gurunathan
    seed - without - seedling - he will make - our - gurunathan
    even celestial beings - to know - impossible - our - gurunathan
    philosophy - he who has transcended - he became - our - gurunathan
    all kinds - wealth - he gave - our - gurunathan

    origin - end - not there - he said - our - gurunathan
    That - you are - thus, he taught - our - gurunathan
    light - pervasive - thus - he said - our - gurunathan
    attributes - freed from - stand - he said - our - gurunathan
    caste - religion - he who is without - our - gurunathan
    as himself - shines - he does - our - gurunathan
    by even scholars - seen - one who is not - our - gurunathan
    words stilled - bliss - he gave - our - gurunathan

    at the junction of three roads - in the rubbish - our - gurunathan
    curl up - and lie - he said - our - gurunathan
    fear and - anger - he who is without - our - gurunathan
    ego - removed - he did - our - gurunathan
    young - on the horse (7) - our - gurunathan
    majestically - climb up - he said - our - gurunathan
    carpenter - not built by - in the house (8) - our - gurunathan
    jumping horse - tie, he said - our - gurunathan

    we, indeed - we are - thus, he uttered - our - gurunathan
    for us - no deficiencies - he said - our - gurunathan
    it will go - it will go - action (and reaction) - he said - our - gurunathan
    going - coming - no (9) - he said - our - gurunathan
    ourselves, indeed - are we - thus, he taught - our - gurunathan
    intention - no - thus - he said - our - gurunathan
    yes - thus - promise - he gave - our - gurunathan
    silent - letter - perceive - he said - our - gurunathan

    1) arivitthaan - literal meaning : announced
    2) Moovar : "The Three" usually understood to be Brahma, Vishnu and Siva
    3) vitthu : commonly used to mean seed; also means way
    4) Vaasiyohgam: yogic breathing
    5) kasidesam: The city of Kasi, also called Banaras or Varanasi
    6) iruvali: the two paths refer to the two channels, ida and pingala, which need to be closed to allow the breath to flow along the sushumna
    7) pacchai puraviyiley: literally means young horse. It also means restless breath.
    8) thacchan kattaa veettiley: the house not built by a carpenter refers to the body. These lines urge the student to gain control over the restless breath till you can ride it with ease and tie the body with it causing the mind to be stilled
    9) pohku varavu illai: literally "no going and coming" infers ending the cycle of death and birth

    * Model for Study: A major impediment to the spread of Natchintanai has been the diversity of melodies used for any given song. Hindu music is very creative and professionally trained Carnatic singers have a great deal of freedom for improvisation, much like modern western jazz musicians. But this leaves the average lay person with a big problem as well as teachers of groups or children when they come to learn the song. "How should we sing it? What is the tune?" To facilitate the dissemination of Yogaswami's songs the Swamis at Kauai Aadheenam have selected standardized tunes. Wherever possible we have tried to source these melodies from the Sri Lankan Jaffna community itself. Sometimes a complicated carnatic melody by a professional Jaffna Tamil singer has been simplified. (Gamakams are reduced for children) In cases where melodies are not known or are "boring" from a modern youth angle, we have adopted a more rhythmic, upbeat melody. We have to give credit to the Tiruvadi Niliyam (Jaffna Sai Baba devotees) who have sponsored some recordings by the All Ceylon Radio Singers for leading the way in this regard. These are good examples of Yogaswami's songs sung in a pleasing style. It is well known that Yogaswami himself did on occasion tell his devotees to sing such-and-such a Natchintanai song according to the melody of a song sung by one of the current popular devotional singers of his day. The melodies for many Natchintanai have yet to be selected for groups and children. If you would care to suggest some tunes we would very much appreciate your suggestions. Please email