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Twelve Beliefs of Saivism

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami defines the purpose of Saiva Siddhanta Church which is dedicated , working hand-in-hand with the Gods and Devas, to disseminate Saivism to the world. He guides us through the repetition of the twelve sacred beliefs of Saivite Hinduism. He express appreciation for the grace of the Gods, Devas, a fine monastic order, and loving devotees all working together to dedicate their energies as soldiers of the within to promote Saivism.

Unedited Transcript:

You are in a wonderful church. The Saiva Siddhanta Church is dedicated to bring forth to the next generation and the one that follows and the one after that, and on and on, the pure teachings of the Saivite religion in the Western World and throughout World. And for this we dedicate our time and our efforts in the First World, working hand in hand with the Devonic Beings of the Second and the Third Worlds of this great first religion, Saivite Hinduism.

You will love to hear these beliefs. I know you have read them, but listen closely. Believe along with me.

"I believe Lord Siva is God whose Absolute Being, Parasivam, transcends time, form and space."

"I believe Lord Siva is God whose immanent nature of love is the substratum or Primal Substance and Pure Consciousness flowing through all form."

"I believe Lord Siva is God whose immanent nature is the Primal Soul, Supreme Mahadeva, Siva/Shakti, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of all that exists."

"I believe that each individual soul is created by Lord Siva and is identical to Him and that this identity can be and will be fully realized by all souls when the triple bondage of anava, karma, and maya is removed through His Grace."

"I believe in the three worlds of existence: the First World where souls take on physical bodies; the Second World where souls take on astral or mental bodies, and the Third World where soul bodies, Mahadevas, exist in their own self-effulgent form."

"I believe in the Mahadeva, Lord Ganesha, Son of Siva/Shakti, to whom I must first supplicate before beginning any worship or task."

"I believe in the Mahadeva, Lord Muruga, Son of Siva/Shakti, whose Vel of Grace dissolves the bondages of ignorance."

"I believe that religion is the harmonious working together of the three worlds and that this harmony can be created through temple worship, wherein the three worlds become open one to another and the Beings within them are able to communicate."

"I believe in the Law of Karma, that one must personally reap the effects of all actions he has caused and that each soul will continue to reincarnate until all karmas are resolved and Moksha, Liberation, is attained."

"I believe that there is no intrinsic evil."

"I believe that the performance of Chariya, virtuous and moral living, Kriya, temple worship, and Yoga, internalized worship and union with Parasivam through the Grace of a living Sat Guru is absolutely necessary to bring forth the state of Jnana."

"I believe in the Panchakshara Mantram, the five sacred syllables "NA MA SI VA YA" as the foremost and essential mantram of Saivism."

Of course there are many more beliefs in the Saivite religion and these perhaps are only a few. We are fortunate that the Saiva Siddhanta Church was dedicated in Person by the great Lords of our religion, Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, and Lord Siva Himself. All of whom appeared on the sacred Island of Kauai. We are fortunate and grateful for a fine Monastic Order. We are fortunate and grateful for loving and devoted devotees all members of the Saiva Siddhanta Church. We hope to grow and unfold together in unity, be productive and creative together, and be of some lasting benefit as soldiers of the Within in a world of chaos and confusion. And to this we dedicate our efforts our wills and our energies. Aum Tat Sat.