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Control of Pranic Energy, Performing Sadhana


Gurudeva talks about the importance of the 54 Sutras and how prana flows. And those who were performing sadhana drew on the energies of even past sadhanas of years gone by and came through the test victoriously. But if you seek bad company then the pranas begin to get disturbed.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning everyone,

I want to talk about the flow of prana that is beginning to occur among all the Kulapati families worldwide, because why? Each one has decided to discipline himself and herself, the children perform sadhana. That gets the prana under control. If the prana's not under control by the individual it is controlled by other individuals, a negative control of prana is a control and a positive control of prana is control. That's why we say seek good company because if you can't control your prana other people will help you, the group helps the individual and the individual helps the group.

You seek bad company then the pranas begin to get disturbed and once that happens it's like a team of horses out of control, it takes a lot of strength on the part of the individual to get those pranas under control.

We have put our entire group of sishya under loyalty test, the last four or five months. And also testing the results of their sadhana. Those who have not been performing sadhana failed the test. And those who were performing sadhana drew on the energies of even past sadhanas of years gone by and came through the test victoriously. The test was 54 Sutras. Some didn't have their prana under control, others had their prana under control.

When you leave the physical body, drop it off you are in your pranic body, your air body. It's made of prana, it's not made of flesh and bones, as the Buddhist say "32 kinds of dirt wrapped up in a skin." It's totally made of prana, it floats, you can fly. It's guided by your mind which is a more rarified prana, actinic energy, so wherever you want to go you'll be there immediately. Of course you do this in your sleep and in your dreams. Many of you've had astral experiences and you can testify to the pranic body being detached from the physical body and how quickly it moves from here to there. And however if you don't have control of your prana, you don't have control of your pranic body and then where does it go when you drop off your physical body. It gets magnetized to your desires. Uncontrollably magnetized to fulfilling unfulfilled desires. It gets magnetized to groups of people, who are fulfilling their similar unfulfilled desires. And generally the vibration goes down into the lower chakras.

Only in controlling your astral body do you have access to your soul body, which is of course living within the astral body and that's the energy of the higher chakras. That's why the sadhana marga leads us to the yoga pada quite naturally. People don't study yoga, their not taught yoga, they are taught sadhana and if they don't perform it themselves, no one can do it for them, they'll never have a grip strong enough over their instinctive mind, over their intellectual mind to come to the yoga marga. No matter how much they know about yoga.

It's a twenty-four hour a day vigil, as everybody is realizing who's taken the 54 vratas, twenty-four hours a day. Going to bed at night early so you can get up in the morning early. Studying the Sutras before you go to bed at night so that you can go on the inner plane in obsolute control. In the morning you're reading "Dancing with Siva" lesson of the day. You're getting prepared to face the day, to be a strong person and move the forces of the world. People who are doing sadhana in their grihastra ashrama should move the forces of the world rightly, dynamically, intelligently, quickly and make something out of their lives. Those people are not stimulated by competition. In todays world people have to be stimulated by competition to produce anything worthwhile in the world. That means hurting other people. They have to be stimulated by war to produce anything worthy of producing in the world and that hurts other people. They have to be stimulated by their home breaking up and that hurts other people. They have to be stimulated by all other kinds of lower emotions to be able to get enough energy to move the forces of the world to do some good.

Those who perform sadhana draw on the forces of the soul to move the forces of the world. Now what does move the forces of the world? That means fulfilling goals that you set for yourself, that are realistic goals. That means performing your job as an employer or employee in the most excellent way possible. That means stretching your mind and emotions and endurance to the limit and therefore by doing that getting stronger and stronger day by day.

You were all here when Sri Chinmoy was here with his devotees, many of whom are in the Guinness Book of Records because he demands of them super excellence at every point in time. They've done remarkable things that other humans have not been able to do, because he insist they perform their sadhana. And if they don't he doesn't want to see them anymore, it's as simple as that. His school of thought is become excellent, somebody settles for less they can seek out some Guru who has lower standards. Therefore he has very few devotees. But the ones that he does have attained excellence.

Now to be in the Guinness Book of Records and to have accomplished something that no other human has accomplished, that person is also somebody on the inside to do something remarkable on the outside. That person who became somebody on the inside probably was a nobody on the inside before they met Sri Chinmoy and went under his mind, under his discipline, under his training and he brought forth from within them what was sleeping within them. Couldn't brought it forth if the latent qualities weren't there. But he awakened that strength and that energy and that willpower and that dynamism that fulfills that particular stage of life.

Then coming into the vanaprastra ashrama, it's a very important stage of life because that is time when you can create excellence in the brahamcharya students and in the families to see that their life goes along as it should according to the Nandinatha Sutras, which has the entire life pattern embedded within them. And then of course later Sannyasa ashrama that's the time to enjoy whatever realizations had occurred along the way.

But we're all human beings and every soul including the Sapta Rishis, Seven Rishis, they're like the Supreme Court Judges. When one I suppose has his final merger into Siva, another one is appointed and takes his place. Everyone is helping everyone else and that's the duty that must be performed by everyone, if you want to help somebody else perform regular sadhana.

One of the sishya who is a family person made the remark "oh Gurudeva wants to turn our homes into like a monastery." They got it right. Traditionally a home should be a reflection of the monastery that it's attached to, that the family is attached to. With a regular routine for the mother, father, the sons, the daughters, everyone fulfilling their rigorous routine to the very best of their ability.

We've had Vignesh here, seventeen year old young man from one of our families in Malaysia, that performed the sadhana. That enabled him to come here to perform the that sadhana here. But if they weren't performing sadhana within their home regularly he wouldn't be inclined to come here and perform a more strenuous sadhana with us.

We don't learn yoga, we don't learn meditation. You can teach meditation, you can teach yoga and it's all words unless the individual is awake on the inside. To get awake on the inside means wake up in the morning. You woke up this morning, that was difficult but you got the body up, you got the emotions up, you got the mind up and your instinctive mind won't do that, did it? No. Did not want to do that.

Feel the power of the God durning the puja, if you're just going through ritual and don't feel anything your not awake. Get the most out of every experience that the temple offers, the Guru offers, the devas offer. That your lives experiences that your were born to live through offer. And in doing so slowly the kundalini begins to loosen and imperceptibly rise into its yoga. That's what does the yoga is the kundalini seeking it source. Like a tree growing always reaching up to the sun.

So we have been through a wonderful period of time these past several months, with the big examination which we have given to the sishya worldwide. And we look forward to many years ahead, everyone performing sadhana and those Sutras shining forth.

Someone recently said "Well I'm in one of the later ashrams of life so you can't expect me to do all of these Sutras." Answer is, you should be doing them better than anyone else because you're the example being older. Each and everyone should perform better than a younger person who has other things on his mind.

So we're going up... And we want to encourage all of the families to amalgamate together, to support the Aadheenam, our Dharmasalas, everything the monks are doing in a 200% way so that great things are accomplished by this wonderful group of sadhaks.

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