The Aim of Hindu Practices

The Master Course - Satguru's Insights

Bodhinatha's presentation is based on the Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 edition of Hinduism Today and is entitled "The Aim of Hindu Practices". Bodhinatha reminds us that deep inside we are already one with God and only have to live up to this perfection by avoiding unwanted experiences along the way. Our religion contains the knowledge as to how to realise God. The reason as to why Hindu practices are important are because of their impact on our mind. In order to evolve spiritually, we must learn and endeavour to purify our mind, quiet our intellect and spiritualize our ego. Dharma, seva, puja and raja yoga lead to purification of the mind, which is the essence of all spiritual endeavors.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents topics relating to Himalayan Academy's Master Course study program.


Photo of  Gurudeva
When we are selfish, self-centered and flare up and lose control of ourselves, we are like animals. When we reflect understanding, have control of ourselves and use our will to conquer our lower nature, we are using the Godly part of our mind.