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Sinner or Divinity?

The Master Course - Satguru's Insights

Bodhinatha's presentation is based on the Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 edition of Hinduism Today and is entitled "Sinner or Divinity?" While some faiths view man as sinful by nature, Hinduism holds that our inmost self is the divine and taintless soul, or atma. Bodhinatha reminds us that deep down we are perfect this very moment and only have to live up to that perfection. Rather that identifying sin or divinity, we have to understand the nature of the soul which is three-fold:instinctive, intellectual and instinctive. By controlling our energies and elevating our chakras we overcome the instinctive tendencies. The ultimate goal is to grow and evolve into oneness with God by performing dharma, selfless service, temple worship, meditation and avoiding unwanted experiences along the way.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents topics relating to Himalayan Academy's Master Course study program.