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Mistakes Are Part of The Spiritual Path

The Master Course - Satguru's Insights

Hinduism proclaims that all of mankind is good, that the whole world is one family; that all souls emanate from God and evolve into oneness with God. Each soul starts its journey at a different time and are identified as young and old souls. Young souls learn to harness their instinctive nature and improve their behaviour. Self-reflection, learning from mistakes, offering apology and penance are positive steps that may be taken in order to progress along the school of experience. Blunders are, in truth, opportunities to improve our behavior and thereby make spiritual progress.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents topics relating to Himalayan Academy's Master Course study program.


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What is the binding force that keeps youths in the home? Love. If you love your children completely, they won't want to leave. You won't be able to force them out of the house, even if you try. You are bound together by bands of steel made of love.