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The Eight Great Shaktis of His Majesty Lord Siva

The Master Course - Bodhinatha's Insights

Bodhinatha's presentation is based on Gurudeva's 1977 Master Course and is entitled "The Eight Great Shaktis of his Majesty Lord Shiva". Bodhinatha outlines the nature and significance of each of the eight shaktis of Lord Shiva, characterised by yellow colour - representing love and compassion in the home (yellow), same feeling being extended to friends and neighbours (saphire blue), business associates (3rd shakti - ruby red), intuitive mind (4th shakti - emerald green), charitable and outpouring of generosity (5th shakti - orange), meditative and yogic state (6th shakti - light blue), spiritual teacher (7th shakti - lavender) and pure consciousness (8th shakti - white). Worship of Lord Ganesha is required for the first five shaktis and worship of Lord Muruga is imperative in order to focus on 6th-7th shaktis. Control of the 5 abysses manifested through disharmony, misunderstanding, jealousy and other lower instinctive states of mind is equally crucial. Satguru Bodhinatha presents topics relating to Himalayan Academy's Master Course study program