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The Sixth and Seventh Dimensions

Excerpts from Gurudeva's original writings explaining the sixth dimension: The superconscious plane, the heart of the generative and regenerative function of the intelligence of man and also,"The Garden of Temptations" whereby one may be side tracked into psychic areas off of the San Marga. The seventh dimension: The silent world of the Gods Themselves, the sublime state of pure consciousness, Nothingness of Being. Shum meditations map these destinations.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning everyone. This is Gurudeva's writings on the seven dimensions of the mind. So, did the fourth and the fifth, it's now up to the sixth and the seventh today, not as long.

The Sixth Dimension

"The superconscious plane of the sixth dimension is situated at the third eye or ajna chakra. Today, saints and sages venerated by men, have lived fully and consciously in this rarified mind strata. The beautiful actinic body of light, that pure inner body exists in the sixth dimension. There were people who once lived in physical bodies and in the fourth dimension and who now live totally in the sixth dimension. It is possible to live without a physical body in this dimension and to still be fully conscious. One lives in his inner body.

Temple deities are sixth dimensional beings. When we visit temples and praise or pray to saints, angles, deities of great spiritual power who watch over a certain segment of the third and fourth dimensional consciousness, they actually do hear and see our supplications. Once such beings, some of these beings lived on the earth as a fourth dimensional person, meditating, striving, everything. They achieved a certain realization, mastered a certain area so completely that they earned the right, so to speak, to reign over that inner office after physical death.

Before Self Realization has been attained the sixth dimension can be a fascinating pitfall or an endless involvement for this life. For that reason, in earlier years, I taught devotees to avoid contacting that dimension and to concentrate fully on their realization. Otherwise they would have become interested, involved, in the same way one can get involved in the astral plane of the third dimension and never get far beyond it other than intellectually. Therefore, I taught disciples to establish themselves firmly in the fourth dimension, touch occasionally into the fifth and then move directly into the very pure seventh. Only after someone was very well stabilized in the non-dual experience of Self Realization and the life style of sadhana, then and only then were they allowed to investigate the world of the devas and deities. For them any experience is viewed as merely another aspect of themselves and not a something else, a being greater than themselves."

So those are some interesting ideas. So, in the original writings on San Marga we have: "Straight Path to God." And looking at the physical San Marga, then we have an area called: "The Garden of Temptations." These are all the psychic sidetracks off the path. And so Gurudeva's referring to some of them here and the first one is astral plane kind of sidetracks: channeling, past lives. Past lives, that's a fascinating one; wouldn't we all love to know all about our past lives and find about the last one and then the one before that and then the one before that? Keeps taking you away and away, further away from the straight path to God. So it's depicted there in a nice way.

What is it, nadi shastra readers? Wouldn't we just love to have all our futures known by going to a nadi shastra reader? Just in India, right? So we could have gone to the nadi readers and found out our future. So, it's quite a fascination. Our future lies in our past lives, so that's the astral plane kind of side track that Gurudeva's talking about. So this is, it can be another side track. Those who have visions are the kind of person that's, if someone has visions regularly and is totally fascinated by visions, that's a kind of side track into the sixth dimension. So I've know some individuals like that and their whole life is involved in what they see. And it's all dualistic, as Gurudeva's pointing out; we're always thinking about beings who we look at as greater than ourselves and it's taking us away from the San Marga or the path to Self Realization.

So, Gurudeva points out the basic approach to Realizing the Self through the Shum language. I'll read that sentence again, it's just one sentence. "Therefore, I've taught disciples to establish themselves firmly in the fourth dimension, touch occasionally into the fifth dimension, and then move directly into the very pure seventh." So, that's what we do in our Shum meditations, we go into simshumbisi; that's a simple state of mind to find, the power of the spine, fourth dimensional state, and then we head for kaif and skip everything in the middle, which is the fifth and the sixth if kaif's in the seventh. So we've strayed into awareness aware of itself as Gurudeva describes as the very pure seventh, meaning there's not much there. So that's the idea there.

"Now where the aspirants are stronger in their sadhana they are able to relate to the devas and individual entities with vast influences while simultaneously holding the advaita principle that nothing exists outside of themselves. And even the Gods, the saints and deities are nothing more, nothing less, than the highest aspects of their own being. An aspirant contacting deities or communicating with space beings is merely touching into deeper parts of himself that were always there even when he could not actually make contact. By acquainting himself with the deities he was drawing fourth those profound qualities which the deity represents awakening from one perspective those qualities within.

Science has recently discovered the sixth dimension. It tells us that all matter is energy in a grosser form and that even a chair can be reduced to sound and color at a sub-molecular level--and they're right. The sixth dimension is color sound and vibration as well as subtle forms and beings composed of these elements. A chair on one level sounds like a symphony and looks like a light show. But in the second dimension it is just an ordinary chair. It exists simultaneously in all dimensions and looks different from each.

The colors of the sixth dimension are unlike colors we have ever seen on the surface of the Earth. They are brighter, yet more subtle, and they mix and mingle; in other words colors pass into and through each other, creating exquisite varieties of color with form. If awareness has been well schooled in concentration, it can hold itself placidly through the intensity of the sixth dimension, remaining there to view the interrelated inner forces which construct the inner bodies of man. The actinodic astral body and the golden actinic body which has given birth after continued experiences of Self Realization.

The inner mechanism of the human aura, the inner mechanism of thought forms, the inner mechanism the astral plane and the superconscious body of light, can all be seen within this dimension. Forces and ray of actinic energy, the various breakdowns of magnetic energy, the rays of the actinic force fields radiating out from the seventh dimension and the rays of the odic magnetic force fields issuing fourth from the third and fourth dimensions, all come together within the sixth dimension in a tremendous intensity.

The sixth dimension is therefore the heart of the generative and regenerative function of the intelligence of man whereas the fifth actually governs all intelligence.

Awareness in the sixth dimension has an all-knowing capacity which is difficult to translate into fourth dimensional conceptional understanding. Therefore mystics often have deep sixth dimensional experiences but can not always recall their experience later. This dimension is outside of the normal processes of thought and time and a prolonged experience that may seem to last an entire month while its actual duration on the physical plane is only two seconds. And such vast experience cannot register within the faculty of time, space, memory patterns of the fourth dimension. But from the fourth dimension the aspirant would intuit later certain aspects of the experience and bring them through to work with and use in his daily life.

Extended practice of kaif and other disciplined contemplative efforts bring more and more awareness of the deeper dimensions into daily perceptions. The sixth dimension is a guarded area of the mind, less accessible than other states. The gates of these realms are guarded by fierce and apparently demonic creatures and entrance is only gained once it is earned.

The best way to earn access into the sixth dimension is to come in from the seventh. [This is clever.] The best way to gain audience with a king is to be a king yourself. Better not to consciously open the psychic centers of the sixth dimension but to understand the realm. When the time is right, experience will come of itself. It is far easier anyway to enter the equally blissful seventh dimension by entering simshumbisi, energy in the spine, and from there to pure consciousness, kaif. The bliss of the seventh dimension is quite different from that in the sixth."

So that's an interesting area, the sixth dimension is guarded, so those who try and enter it from the lower dimensions quite often give up. It's like they're not supposed to enter. So if you come in from the seventh, as Gurudeva says, then it's like a king getting access to another king. You've earned your access and you don't have that problem.

The Seventh Dimension

The seventh dimension is clear inner space, not clear white light, just clear space. It goes on and on infinitely, like an inner sky, like an infinite inner sky. Entering the seventh dimension we enter realms of knowledge resulting from superconscious perceptions of the superconscious itself. The seventh dimension does not look back into the fifth dimension at all. It does not look into the sixth. It does look into the sixth and deeper, into the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth dimensions which exist in a completely different realm; a different universe so to speak.

The seventh dimension is a silent world. It would be the heaven world of the Gods themselves. Their retreat place. All of this takes place within you, within the wonderful mind of man, your mind.

Between the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions the lines we draw are understandably hypothetical. We give them boundaries and brackets in order to understand them, to define and identify these realms. The dividing lines between the first, second, third and fourth are clear and distinct. But in the deeper realms we know that they run together and merge, each existing as it does inside the other. This is intellectually intriguing, but the experience is much different. And that is what is sought, the direct personal experience.

The experience of kaif is simple, our concepts about it are the biggest barrier. We often feel that pure consciousness must be earned by a saintly life and we generally know our life well enough to disqualify ourselves. But that is the "I am out here and heaven is in there" concept. A false concept if ever there was one. Turn it inside out. Realize and then convince the subconscious mind that you are the whole thing right now. The within as well as the without. The saint you envision living the perfect life, lives in your own consciousness. All dimensions of existence reside in you, and you will never be more or less than you are at this moment. That makes attaining pure consciousness simple, doesn't it? And it is simple if we discard the baggage of accumulated opinions and misunderstandings.

Anyone can experience kaif, awareness aware of itself, for brief interludes. It is much more difficult to sustain the intensity however, for the very power that allows us to control the mind enough to touch into kaif, stimulates the other dimensions as well, setting a wave rippling through stillest consciousness. That wave travels through the sixth, then the fifth, fourth and third dimensions, right out into the second. And if there are areas of the mind, especially in the second and third dimensions, which are not under guidance of the will or which are unresolved, then that ripple will catalyze them and pull awareness out of kaif. That is why very few aspirants are able to just sit in the absolute simplicity of kaif. They are externalized by the outer dimensions as the intensity of pure awareness radiates and reverberates through the nerve complex. Therefore, although kaif is itself easy to attain, it is indeed difficult to sustain for longer periods and even more difficult to dissolve into imkaif, Self Realization. The aspirant, noting this, then dedicates himself to refining the outer manifestations of the second, third and fourth dimensions in order to gain a stable control over those forces, so that when he does return to kaif the ripple that goes out into the mind does not cause a backlash stimulation sufficient to pull awareness out to the third dimension. And you have all experienced this. You have been absorbed in a meditation only to be drawn out into a vision, or into your legs which were hurting, or into some thought sequences in the mind. Therefore, the realm of Self Realization [hmm that sentence is missing a word] protect themselves from entrance simply by the nature of the mechanism of the dimensions."

When one is consciously in the fourth dimension, he sees a slight moonlike glow within the head, just a faint glow. When he is in fifth dimensional consciousness, he comes into a very clear inner light within the head, bright and clear. However, when he evolves into the sixth dimension, that light glows in every cell of the body through the torso, the hands, legs and feet. Then, in the seventh dimension he comes into pure inner space, seeing within himself a vast space that goes on and on and on. At that time he is not necessarily conscious of light at all, for light exists as the interaction of pure force with magnetic forces. Thus space itself, even intergalactic space in the second dimension, is dark, but our atmosphere is light due to the reflecting resistance of friction, it offers light energy. Similarly, one deeply immersed in the seventh dimension would be aware of being aware without an awareness of light. In a sense he would be above the vibratory rate of light and with no thing to be aware of, awareness becomes conscious of itself.

The clear, placid, powerful seventh dimensional space has remained the same for millions of year, untouched and untampered. Awareness travels through it, viewing the various breakdowns of color, hearing the various pitches of sounds. It is the very source of the construction of all things. It is actinic energy within its quiescent state. For when actinic energy and odic energy intermingle, the mind then becomes active and awareness is thrust on the waves of mind substance and therefore views different things. Actinic or pure energy, when blended together with odic magnetic energy, creates form in a similar way that the combination of air which is invisible with smoke, creates various forms or clouds in the sky. Different patterns are made by the intermingling of smoke and air depending on the density of one and the motion of the other.

No mind patterns are visible in the core of the seventh dimension. Only the air exists there and not the smoke. Only pure energy which is equivalent to pure space. What is seen here are particles of actinic force more intense than other particles of actinic force. Thus rays of actinic force are seen in the seventh dimension as pure color or pure sound, for sound and color themselves are one in the same thing in their breakdown within this dimension.

Awareness does not change, it only seems to change as the objects of its awareness revolve. Therefore, kaif or pure awareness is exactly the same in the seventh dimension as awareness which travels in the outer dimensions as nimf. The difference is in the dimensions, not in awareness. In other words, the same faculty of awareness that sees physical objects in the second dimension also perceives subtle forms in the fifth and sixth, and is called pure awareness when it is able to eliminate all objects and be aware of itself. This can be observed by coming slowly out of deep meditation in the seventh dimension instead of coming out quickly, as is the tendency. By consciously slowing down the externalizing process we observe pure consciousness first, followed by awareness of subtle forms of light and various consistencies of denser space, which can be visually distinguished. This brings us from simply being aware immediately into processes of sight. We may also hear the inner sounds, the high pitched eee or the Aum. Next, actual inner visions could be seen. As awareness moves further out into the mind, instead of focusing, it begins to travel or flow and might then come into memory patterns, then into the energy current of the nerve system and out into the physical body. At this point one would feel a blissful river of energy rushing through the body or perhaps discomfort or even pain. Opening the eyes, awareness finally flows out into the second dimensional world of things. It is the same awareness that functions through the dimensions and it is closer to what you call you than any other form that can be identified with the mind."

So it's an interesting grammatical problem. Sometimes I fall into the trap say, my awareness or your awareness does this or that. But that's not right it's, I as awareness do this, or you as awareness do it. Because it is the I. It's not something the I has. It is the I. It's another word for I, so to say, I as awareness do this. Can't say my awareness does it, cause then you're different than awareness. So, I as awareness do this.

"Everything learned must be forgotten to enter the seventh dimension. There are no concepts there, no feelings, no thoughts, no unfolding anyone, just pure space or pure consciousness. So, in that sublime state there is nothing to do except to let consciousness be aware of itself and finally swallow itself. Then the Self alone remains. After that total elimination of conscious into the Nothingness of Being pure consciousness returns, forgets itself and travels as nimf back into the mind, flows into the fifth dimension, flows out to the fourth, looks into the third and second and becomes involved. The whole thing starts over again for you. Isn't it wonderful!"

So, Gurudeva's having fun describing it. It's a little difficult to follow but I'm sure parts of it are quite clear and it's a wonderful description of the seventh dimension for sure that, cause that's where we're aiming when we meditate on kaif; we're aiming for the seventh, so it's useful to have those concepts about it.

So there is a nice relevant statement in yesterday's quote of the day: "Beginning to meditate can be likened to starting a long journey. The destination and the means of travel must be known before setting out." So, that's what Shum provides, it provides a destination as well as a means of travel. For most individuals when they meditate, they have no clue where they're going; you know they're just trying to go in, but there's no destination, cause there's no map. So, Shum gives us a map of the mind and therefore we can choose our destinations, cause we have a map, we know what's there. So, today I want to go here, so that's half of, half of this statement. Destination and the means of travel. So it maps out the destinations which is a real accomplishment. I mean the inner mind is subtle and to map it out or to show: over here is this, over here is that, over here is that, and if you go there it'll look like this, it'll sound like that; you know all these descriptions of the inner mind are rare and you know extremely valuable. So we have the destinations mapped out. So the means of travel, so the means of travel is also within the Shum language. It's, its the correct meaning of the word tantra which is step by step practice. First you do this, then you do this, then you do this, then you do this, and do this; that's the idea of tantras. It's a step by step practice in other words you go, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. You don't, today I'll go one seven and eleven and tomorrow I'll go three six and eight. You know it doesn't work like that. You know you go certain steps each time, same steps. So, that provides us, what does it provide us? The means of travel.

So, in other words if we want to go here, we can get there if we do this, this and this. It'll get us here. So if we want to experience some simshumbisi first we do this, then we do this, then we do this, then we do this and this and we end up in simshumbisi. Tomorrow if we want to experience simshumbisi we'll do the same thing. It's the means to travel. It's a very precise way of getting to the same destination. So when you combine the two you have the fullness of Shum. You have, you know the destination, you know where it is and you know how to get there, because the means of travel is mapped out in a series of steps in the Shum meditation. So it's a very interesting system. A very rare system that Gurudeva's given us and can't be, don't want to undervalue it, it's unique. In fact, we're adding something on the story of Shum, we're editing. And I read it to two weeks ago, one version and we found some additional material in another version that Gurudeva added which we're putting in. And that's one of the points he makes is, in the history of metaphysics and something this type of meditation is rare, something like that, Gurudeva's fast. Or this type of meditation has never been done before. I forget exactly what it is, but it's talking about. Oh that's what it is. It's saying that to be able to have a group go through the same states of mind together, you know go through different destinations together as a meditation, at the same time, which is what Shum provides when you understand it, is unheard of, is what Gurudeva's saying. This has never been done before. And so it's an interesting aspect of Shum is that it does that and it's very different than the normal meditation, which Gurudeva also points out, that normally when you gather a group together and you meditate a number of people have no clue what to do so they're just sitting there, trying to not move very much for half an hour or an hour. And you have a few who can meditate very well and then you have the group in the middle who aren't quite sure of everything. So in the Shum practice, those who understand it, because they're all doing the same thing at the same time, help the others find it. It creates like a vibration which makes it easier for newcomers to experience the same thing. So that's one of the beauties of it.

So I'll read that one more time, is our closing sentence. "Beginning to meditate can be likened to starting a long journey. The destination and the means of travel must be known before setting out."

Have a great phase. Aum Namah Sivaya

[End of transcript.]

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