Atmalingam Bhajare

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Siva
  • Artists: Premila Manick
  • Music Details: | Talam-Adi | Sruti-C | Graha-sa
  • Original Script

    Atma lingam bhajare Paramaatma lingam

    Atma lingam bhajare adi adbhuta lingam bhajare

    - Naada lingam navamani lingam Naabhi kamala utbhava lingam

    Iswara lingam bhajare Parameswara lingam bhajare

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    Deep inside we are perfect this very moment, and we have only to discover and live up to this perfection to be whole. Our energy and God's energy are the same, ever coming out of the void. We are all beautiful children of God.