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Anbartham Sinthaiyil

This song is set in ragam Abheri.
The ascending/descending scales:
s g m p n s
s n d p m g r s.

The song is starting on Sa ( Pitch F) and moves quickly to G that is on Gsharp. The song rarely hits a high sa, hovers around high Ni.

  • Genre: natchintanai Deity: Siva
  • Artists: Anusha Tharmarajah
  • Music Details: Ragam-Abheri | Talam-Adi | Sruti-F | Graha-Sa
  • Original Script

    அன்பர்தஞ் சிந்தையில்

    அன்பர்தஞ் சிந்தையில் உறைவோனே
    அரகர சிவசிவ மறையோனே

    பொன்னே மணியே பூங்கோவே
    புலவரெல் லாம்புகழ் எங்கோவே

    காணுங் கண்ணிற் கலந்தவனே
    கதிரொளி போலெங்கும் நிறைந்தவனே

    ஆணும் பெண்ணும் ஆனவனே
    அடியவர் பேணும் வானவனே

    கோணிய பிறையை முடித்தவனே
    கொல்புலித் தோலை யுடுத்தவனே

    வேணியிற் கங்கை தரித்தவனே
    வேழத்தின் தோலை யுரித்தவனே

    பாற்கடல் தன்னை அழைத்தவனே
    பாரொடு விண்ணாய்ப் பரந்தவனே

    நூற்பொருள் தன்னை விரித்தவனே
    நுண்ணிடை யாள்தன் இடத்தவனே

    தில்லையில் ஆடிய சிற்பரனே
    சிவசிவ சிவசிவ தற்பரனே

    எல்லையில் லாவருள் தந்தவனே
    என்போல் நல்லையில் வந்தவனே


    Anbartham Sinthaiyil

    anbartham sinthaiyil uraivohney
    aragara sivasiva maraiyohney

    ponney maniyey poongohvey
    pulavar ellaam pugal. engohvey

    kaanung kannil kalanthavaney
    kathiroli pohl engum nirainthavaney

    aanum pennum aanavaney
    adiyavar peynum vaanavaney

    kohniya piraiyai muditthavaney
    kolpuli thohlai udutthavaney

    veyniyil gangai tharitthavaney
    veyl.atthin thohlai uritthavaney

    paarkadal thannai al.aitthavaney
    paarodu vinnaai paranthavaney

    nool porul thannai viritthavaney
    nunnidaiyaal than idatthavaney

    thillaiyil aadiya sitparaney
    sivasiva sivasiva thatparaney

    ellaiyillaa arul thanthavaney
    enpohl nallaiyil vanthavaney


    He Who Dwells in the Minds of Devotees

    devotees - in the minds of - O He who dwells
    arahara - Siva Siva - O He who is the Vedas

    O golden One - O rare Gem - O beautiful King
    poets - all - praise - O my King

    seeing - in the eye - O He who is merged
    sunlight - like - everywhere - O He who pervades

    male and - female - O He who became
    devotees - praise - O He who is heavenly

    curved - crescent - O He who has braided
    killer tiger - skin - O He who wears

    in braids - ganga - O He who wears
    elephant's - skin - O He who skinned

    ocean of milk - that - O He who called
    with Earth - as the sky - O He has spread

    scripture - meaning of - that - O He who elaborated
    She with the narrow waist - that - O He who has on his left

    in Thillai (1) - danced - O He who is knowledge
    Siva Siva - Siva Siva - O He who is Supreme Self

    limitless - grace - O He who gave
    like me - in Nalloor - O He who came

    (1) Refers to Chidambaram, which was originally a 'thillai' forest.

    * Model for Study: A major impediment to the spread of Natchintanai has been the diversity of melodies used for any given song. Hindu music is very creative and professionally trained Carnatic singers have a great deal of freedom for improvisation, much like modern western jazz musicians. But this leaves the average lay person with a big problem as well as teachers of groups or children when they come to learn the song. "How should we sing it? What is the tune?" To facilitate the dissemination of Yogaswami's songs the Swamis at Kauai Aadheenam have selected standardized tunes. Wherever possible we have tried to source these melodies from the Sri Lankan Jaffna community itself. Sometimes a complicated carnatic melody by a professional Jaffna Tamil singer has been simplified. (Gamakams are reduced for children) In cases where melodies are not known or are "boring" from a modern youth angle, we have adopted a more rhythmic, upbeat melody. We have to give credit to the Tiruvadi Niliyam (Jaffna Sai Baba devotees) who have sponsored some recordings by the All Ceylon Radio Singers for leading the way in this regard. These are good examples of Yogaswami's songs sung in a pleasing style. It is well known that Yogaswami himself did on occasion tell his devotees to sing such-and-such a Natchintanai song according to the melody of a song sung by one of the current popular devotional singers of his day. The melodies for many Natchintanai have yet to be selected for groups and children. If you would care to suggest some tunes we would very much appreciate your suggestions. Please email

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