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Jagadisha Shambho (with swaras)

  Sung by: Priya Parameswaran

After discussion with the swamis about the challenge of teaching melodies, Priya recorded this to offer a possible...


A Temple to Inspire Mankind for 1000 Years

Iraivan means "the worshipful one." This slideshow of the temple takes you from quarry to carving, from India to Hawaii....

Aum Sivaya Aum Karaya

  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai

Hara Hara Sankara

  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai

Jaya Gangajatadhara

  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai

"Jaya" comes before downbeat

Namasivaya Hara Hara Bole

  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai


Kadavul Temple

Kadavul Temple is the spiritual anchor of the monastery. Eight vigils a day are held with a monk...

Sankara Sadasiva

  Sung by: Premila Manick