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Anbudaney Ainthelutthai Sollu

  Sung by: Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam

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Bhojana Mantra

ॐ अ॒न्न॑पूर्णे स॒दापूर्णे श॒ङ्करप्राण॑वल्लभे । ज्ञानवै॒राग्य॑सि॒द्ध्यर्थं॑ भि॒क्षां दे॒हि च पा॑र्वति ॥ माता॑ च पा॑र्वती॒ देवी॑ पि॒ता दे॒वो...

Shanti Mantra

Mantra Pushpam

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Mantra Pushpam

Full Mantra Pushpam (Worship with Flowers)

Gurudeva Mahasamadhi, 2004, Part 1

We are happy to bring you, "live" (well, almost) audio of the Maha Samadhi, puja performed at Kadavul...


Mantra Diksha for Shishyas

Today's commencement of a new phase began with an auspicious homa with three Mantra Dikshas being given. Ravendran...