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Guru Bakthi

  Sung by: T. Manickavasagar

Anbar Anbathu

  Sung by: T. Manickavasagar

Anbar Anbathu

  Sung by: Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam

Kadavul Kovil Ganapati

  Sung by: Michael Fernando

Maha Ganapatim

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

This is a the traditional Carnatic invocation for Lord Ganesha that is usually taught as one of the...


  Sung by: Ramesh Bhai Oza

Nagendra Haraya

  Sung by: Manu Kondapi

Sankaran Mainthaney

  Sung by: Michael Fernando

See PDF for lyrics

Jagadisha Shambho (with swaras)

  Sung by: Priya Parameswaran

After discussion with the swamis about the challenge of teaching melodies, Priya recorded this to offer a possible...