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What the soul learns; Being on the right path

A cyberspace devotee from India wants to know if the soul is also learning when the mind is being educated. Gurudeva says we are the soul and anything that is taken in through the layers of the mind the soul will be aware of it. In today's second question a cyberspace devotee wants to know why there is sin and suffering. Gurudeva says the first thing to do is to define the path that you are on. The Saivite path looks at suffering and happiness as different intensities of the emotions.

Unedited Transcript:

Acharya Palaniswami: This question comes from Tamil Nadu in India, from the city of Trichi, from Vaiyapuri.

Gurudeva, my question is whether atma the soul is also getting the education that the mind is getting when we study something?

Gurudeva: First, me must establish our identify to our external mind and internal mind as well. We are the soul. We are not the external mind.We are not the emotions. We are not the physical body. We are not the memory patterns of the subconscious mind.

We are the soul. So, whatever we take in through any of the other layers of the mind, of course the soul is aware.

Acharya Palaniswami: This next question comes from Donald Gilbert, lives in the US, studying the Master Course. He is reading about sin and suffering in Sloka 51, 'Why is there sin and suffering?'

I know, Gurudeva, that there are some things that are unavoidable, but some things are avoidable. Suffering is totally avoidable if one is indifferent or apathetic to the world around them. But I find if one is concerned and sensitive to the world around them, then suffering is unavoidable. Yes, then one should accept their suffering as part of compassion. But it is not easy when you are surrounded by the painfully imbecilic people.

Gurudeva: Donald, first define the path you are on, that is most important. There are many paths. Traditional paths I mean, not New Age paths. New Age people run around the mountain and up one path and down that path, then up another path and down that path and are totally committed to not making a commitment of any kind.

The Saivite path, a wonderful path, is the most ancient path on the planet. We look at happiness and suffering as different intensities of the emotions. The whole world is made of prana. The entanglements of prana produce suffering. The smooth flow of prana produces happiness.

Part of our great teaching is to surround yourself with people that have this beautiful, smooth flow of prana, people that think as you do, behave as you do. You have free will. You have choices. Use your superconscious wisdom to make the right choices in who to associate with and the philosophy that you adhere to. Then once your path is chosen, stay on that path.

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