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Inner plane activities of becoming a Hindu

A cyberspace devotee from California asks about becoming a Hindu and how that relates to a long-term pattern of inner plane evolution and activites. Gurudeva explains how Hindus on Earth relate closely, and as well in the inner planes.

Unedited Transcript:

Acharya Palaniswami: This question comes from Christina Barisso in Shasta, California.

Namaste Gurudeva. When one chooses a religion or a sect within a religion, apart from the sharing of the basic philosophy taught by the creed, the worshipping, the sacraments, the behaviors, rituals and path to be followed during the soul's journey through an incarnation, is one also somehow selecting without being absolutely aware of it, the kind of soul's existence and inner plane evolution pattern that one is going to have after this earthly life is over?

For example, by joining a particular religion, is one selecting the kind of inner plane work to be performed later? The amount of time in between incarnations? The particular pattern in the wheel of samsara whether the future incarnations are going to be on this planet or on another planet? In general, patterns related more with the inner plane.

I wonder if you might have examples of inner plane life for souls that are linked directly with Saiva Siddhanta Church.

Gurudeva: Many people are on the fringes of Hinduism and Buddhism, never making a full commitment. They feel they can take the core out of the religion and remain who they are and not mix with the people of that religion. If one joins the Mormon Church, one studies Mormonism, mixes with people who are of that religion and faith and they don't mix with other people.

Whatever happens here on earth, similar happens in the inner world after one passes on. They go to the world where the people are of their same vibration, belief, etiquette, culture. People who are born with absolutely no religion at all, never have been exposed, have a free choice of their first religion. They therefore get guardian devas from the inner world of that religion and tune into all it has to offer. Those who have been raised in a religion, know the religious leaders, the priests, the rabbis, the imam, have a more difficult time leaving that religion to join another.

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The first faculty of the expression of the inner being of your immortal soul is the great power of observation, to learn through observation, as your individual awareness detaches itself from that which it is aware of.