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Good Money, Bad Money

A cyberspace devotee from the US asks about the nature of bad money. Gurudeva explains that there are two kinds of bad money.

Unedited Transcript:

Acharya Palaniswami: Does good and bad pertain to the actual physical bill itself? If that actual bill was ever used previously in dealings, then that bill should not be used and is dirty forever or whether it is something else. To me it seems that money has no consciousness and accepting money is an awareness issue. In such cases, is ignorance excusable?

For example, if I receive bad money and I don't know about it. Is it just the bad deeds that should not be condoned and not the money itself? I feel that any and all money gained through exploitation is, of course, cursed but maybe I am naive. I am seeking your help in prayer and meditation. Donald Gilbert.

Gurudeva: Well, that is a very good question about bad money, good money.

There are two kinds of bad money. One kind is the kind that is actually associated with the deed itself. That is why they have to launder money, such as drug money, so it cannot be traced. Another kind of bad money is a little more esoteric. It has to do with the actions of the individual, rather than the actual physical money itself. Such as an abortionist, who earned money in that way. That would be very bad money and to spend it on any good thing, the good thing would not work out properly. It would produce confusion, asuric forces, unhappiness and considerable loss, in the minds of all the people, as they tuned into that person. An individual could receive bad money without knowing it and it would have an effect of loss. Even to an organization such as ours, bad money comes unknowingly. We have found that we also lose at the other end.

So, to distinguish bad money from good money, you have to look to the source of how the money was obtained. Money obtained thorough legitimate means is good money. Money obtained through illegitimate means is bad money.

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