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Iraivan Temple Part 3

Gurudeva's inspired talk about Lord Siva's island home temple.

Unedited Transcript:

We have great respect for the Sivacharya tradition. Traditionally, the Sivacharya priests are the only ones allowed within the inner sanctum of the temple. Not the Smarta priests, not anyone else. Only a Sivacharya.

(And) We want to see this tradition continue. (And) We have been talking to the temple management and trustees throughout the United States. (And) We explain that priests are the servants of the Gods. They are not the servants of the trustees. In the United States of America, the priest is of the same social caliber as the architect, the doctor or the attorney. (And) In the United States, (the artist,) the stone carvers are in a very high social position and looked up to as artists.

So in this new country, a few hundred years old, we are very happy that Lord Siva has chosen in a vision to come to this island here, brought us all together on this island and has inspired us all to build the Iraivan Temple. (And) It is a once in a lifetime pilgrimage place for all the Hindus, throughout the world.

When you begin the pilgrimage to Iraivan Temple, you drop off and dissolve the karmas of the past. (and) Then, because of the direction the Temple is facing, the Temple gives a new start, a new impetus for a wonderful future. It is a boon-giving Temple, a gift-giving Temple, a life-giving Temple, a wish-fulfilling Temple.

Once a temple is established, it has a personality of its own. (and) The Devas in the Sivaloka and the Devas in the Antaraloka (work and) do their work almost independent of the human beings who are serving and keeping the doors open.

Siva temples are a little different than the other temples. In the Siva temple, there is really no need to invoke Siva to come to the temple because Siva is the temple.

So, we have yet to see the magic that Iraivan temple will begin to show to each and everyone of us.

Aum Namah Sivaya Sivaya Namah Aum

Aum Namah Sivaya Sivaya Namah Aum