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A cyberspace devotee in Maryland shares with Gurudeva that he finds it difficult to tithe. Gurudeva says that all the money comes from Siva and when you give Him all that you earn he will give you back 90 percent.

Unedited Transcript:

A Himalayan Academy cyberspace devotee in Baltimore, Maryland. Panchaksharam is wondering about tithing, dasamamsa, the ancient tradition of giving one-tenth of one's gross income to the religious institution of one's choice. He finds it hard to reconcile that everything is Siva's money, because he would like to keep it all for himself.

Well Panchaksharam, look at it this way. All of your money, a 100-percent is Siva's money because Siva has supplied the energy and the intelligence. He is the light that lights up your mind. He is the energy in your body. It is all coming from Siva. So, you give it all to Siva in your mind and Siva will give you back 90 percent!

That 10 percent is not giving, it is a payment. It is not yours to give. It is like taxes. You don't give taxes, you pay taxes. So if you are a member of a religious institution, you pay for that privilege.

Tithing is very fair. The widow who has a very limited income, several thousand dollars a month, pays two hundred dollars a month. The multi-millionaire, who has a liberal income of two hundred thousand dollars a month, pays much more. But both are equal, both are equal. It is still 10 percent. Once you pay your tithing, then giving comes into focus.

So, remember tithing is like a tax. Giving comes from your heart. One you have to do, the other you want to do.

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