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Natural Disaster; Gangs in School

A cyberspace devotee asks how we should view a group of people dying in a natural disaster. Gurudeva says this is a group karma and all the people involved were born to have this experience at the same time. A cyberspace devotee says that gangs are very common in schools these days and asks Gurudeva for his thoughts on this matter.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee remarks on the earthquake in Gujarat, India and asks, "How do we look at natural disasters, such as a hundred children being killed so quickly? In the moving of a village to new land, what about the temple?"

Well, when a large group of people pass on to the inner world, drop off their physical body unexpectedly through a natural disaster, it is called a group karma. They were all born to have this experience at the same time in togetherness.

In creating a new village, first the relocation of the temple must happen. Traditionally, this is what must be done. Locate the temple or temples or other places of worship of other religions. Get them settled first and then the village comes up around the places of worship. It is not the other way around.

A cyberspace devotee in Kuala Lumpur remarks that, "Gangsterism and gangs in our country are more and more prevalent. Even the police are coming to the schools and talking to the students."

I know for a fact that school students have been beaten by their parents out of their homes, afraid to go home for more beatings out of anger, not out of discipline. The police should be lecturing to the parents. The students are innocent by-products of the crimes of the parents and grandparents.

Children start out in life very innocent, very pure and they are molded by what they see the elders do. Aunties and uncles and grandfathers and grandmothers and their mothers and fathers, older brothers and sisters. These young people who form gangs are hurting on the inside. They have been injured and damaged by those at home. They should not be blamed. The crime is on the side of the parents, the aunties and the uncles, who are living in anger, living in jealously, living in competition and making life miserable for the new generation coming up. In a mature and stable society, the parents are held responsible for the actions of their young people.

I could tell you many stories of what happens in homes in Malaysia. Why? Because I have e-mail and the young people have hotmail. With the two coming together, I know their stories, their sadness, their hurts and fears.

The weakness of the community is that no one is standing up for the rights of young people to be raised without being harassed mentally, emotionally, and without being hurt physically. That is the weakness of society.

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