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Nandinatha Sutras

A cyberspace devotee asks how closely should we follow the Nandinatha sutras. Gurudeva says if we were to ask the elders that visit us here at Kauai Aadheenam as to how they live up to these sutras they would say that this is their way of life. He also says that only those who live a double standard look at the sutras as hard rules difficult to live up to.

Unedited Transcript:

A very interesting question from a cyberspace cadet about the Nandinatha Sutras, 365 sutras of how we should live our life. "How closely should we follow them?"

The Nandinatha Sutras were created about 10 years ago at the request of the Jaffna Tamil elders, who in diaspora moved to various parts of the world. They said, "Gurudeva, our people don't listen to us anymore, even though we are the elders. At home in Sri Lanka, we lived a very strict and disciplined life. Even though it was strict and disciplined, it was easy-going and natural. But now, they have gone just that far the other way." I suppose to rock-and-roll, and roll-and-rock.

These elegant elders visit us here at Kauai Aadheenam from various parts of the world, every month. If you were to ask any of these grandmothers and grandfathers, "How do you live up to these 365 sutras?", they would say, "What? Live up? It is our way of life, documented. This is how we live."

There are those who live a double standard. One way at home behind closed doors, another way when guests are visiting. One way in the temple and another way in the marketplace. Only those who live a double standard look at the 365 sutras as hard and fast rules, difficult to live up to. But, when you adjust your lifestyle, your thinking, your intellect and your spirit to everything within the sutras, they are a joy rather than a great challenge.

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