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Physical Injury; Daily Sadhana

A cyberspace devotee asks about the injury that Gurudeva sustained in his back in December 2000 and how one should face physical difficulties. Gurudeva says that if one associated himself as the physical body then facing these physical difficulties will not be easy. If we realize that we are the soul within the physical body then we maintain our own personal identity during these times. He also recommends repeating daily some positive affirmations.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee asks Gurudeva about the physical difficulties of the accident in the spine that happened December 5. "How we should face physical difficulties when they come?"

If we think for a minute that we are our physical body, facing physical difficulties is very difficult. Similarly, if we think for a moment that we are our emotions, facing emotional trauma or upheaval is very difficult.

Karmas are on many levels. The physical body has its karma, the emotions their karmas, the intellect its karma. We can share karmas with other people or with projects in taking on responsibility and dispatching that responsibility. That is all karma management.

Realizing that we are the life force that flows through body, mind and emotion, realizing that we are the soul that lives in the mental body, the astral body, the emotional body, the physical body, we maintain our own personal identity through any trauma physically, mental or emotional.

My advise in going through a physical trauma is to be patient. The physical body, the mental body, the astral body and the emotional body will eventually adjust themselves back to normalcy.

A cyberspace, 'Merging with Siva' student who is doing the 52 sadhanas asks, "I want to do daily sadhana. Which of the 52 sadhanas should I use?"

The basic sadhana is waking up in the morning early, preferably before dawn, performing a small worship puja, then meditation upon the daily lesson within 'Merging with Siva'. Repeat some positive affirmations to make you strong. "I can, I will, I am able." Then, begin your day. Also, attend some temple, religious service once a week. Go on a pilgrimage rather than a vacation, once a year.