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Hindu New Year Part 2

In the second and last part of Gurudeva's New Year talk he urges temple trustees around the world to help eradicate backbiting and other low minded things from the community to create a Hindu community that will be a model community worldwide. Gurudeva says this is a year of will power, aggressiveness and accomplishment and encourages everyone to take advantage of it.

Unedited Transcript:

Children are abused, raped, and subjected to incest within the homes. It is quite prevalent in the Hindu community. If they are abused in anyway - slapped, hit, pinched, verbally put down, made to fear the elders - it is the duty of the stewardship of the temple, the trustees of the temple, the elected members of the community to bring in counsellors. It is their duty, in the name of ahimsa, to bring in outside help so that Hinduism has a good name in the world. Ahimsa is the very heart and core of Sanatana Dharma. Ahimsa is not hurting physically, mentally or emotionally.

Young people are on illegal drugs. Counsellors should be brought into the community to warn them of the consequences that they may be facing if they continue with this practice. Hindu communities worldwide will be model communities, if they take care of their own problems. Each temple has only one hundred to two hundred core devotees for the stewardship, the trustees of the temple to work with and clean up the mess within their homes. Clean their hearts and their collective community, of mess such as back-biting, making up stories about one another. All the low minded things that are going on in the temples today, will go on to tomorrow and get worse, unless a stop is put on the situation.

Some of these crimes against dharma, are often crimes within the state or county where the temple exists. If members of the congregation and members of the board of trustees know of these crimes and don't do anything about it, they are the silent participators in the crime and share the bad karma that goes along with it.

I would like to see the stewardship or the trustees or the board of directors of each temple look at themselves in the mirror very closely. If they cannot perform this spiritual function, this religious function, this function of maintaining dharma, they should resign. Let someone who is in more control of themselves, more deeply associated with the Sanatana Dharma take their place.

This new year, we have the planets working with us. The power of the Gods, the cooperation of the devas and Satguru Siva Yogaswami are all working very closely to the earth to make this happen. This is the year of will power, accomplishment, aggressiveness. Let us take advantage of it. As we say, "Happy New Year" to each other, let us say also, "Let us get to work."