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Organ Donation at Death

A cyberspace devotee from Malaysia wants to know how donating our organs at death can stop our soul from going into higher realms. Gurudeva says that by donating an organ it will keep you earth bound, that is living in the Preta Loka, and attached to the person who now has your organ experiencing all the karmas that he or she is going through.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee, Arumugam Muniandi from Malaysia, mentions that he thought donating organs at death would be a very good karma. "But how does that stop our soul from going into higher realms?"

It may be a good karma for the person who gets one of your organs. But, it will certainly keep you earthbound, attached to the person who is using your former heart, kidney, etc.

Earthbound means living in the Preta Loka, which is the duplicate of this external world that you see with your two eyes and going through all the karmas that the person who is using your organ is going through and experiencing all the experiences that he or she would be experiencing. It would not be a happy situation, if it was an unhappy person that bought one of your organs.

Now you will probably ask, "How do you get out of a messy situation like that?"

Well, you would just have to be earthbound in the Preta Loka until that person passed on. Then, you would be free to soar to higher planes and perhaps, get a very good birth.

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